Are you right for us?

Expenditure As with any business it’s not just income but overheads that are important, because that determines the bottom line of profitability of your business.

With the Right Estate Agents model, you don’t have to pay for offices – all our franchisees work from home saving you and your customers money. All you need to have to run this business is a computer. Your franchise package includes everything else you need to run your business. You bring the right attitude and desire and that’s all you need to get started!

“I had been working in a high street estate agency for years, but having noticed more instructions heading to non-high street based estate agents, like Right Estate Agents I had to sit up and take notice. When I found out what they were offering it was a case of – if you can’t beat them – join them! I sold my agency and set up a Right Estate Agents franchise – now I can offer the same amazing service to my clients. The future of modern Estate Agency is moving quickly towards the Internet and the platform that REA offers fits this perfectly”

Steve Cruickshank


As a full on mum also involved in helping my husband run his business, Right Estate Agents was perfect to work around my lifestyle and gave me the opportunity to run my own business in my time and on my terms, fitting in around my family and commitments. I had never considered running my own business before, but after meeting the team and other franchisees, everyone seemed so relaxed and personable it gave me the confidence to get involved and a great way to get back into a working environment.

Claire Douglas


I have been involved in property for a number of years now, both as an investor and as a professional property coach. I was introduced to Right Estate Agents by an associate of mine and could see immediately the massive potential behind this fresh and dynamic business model.

The idea of being able to combine the cost savings and huge exposure offered by the internet, with the personal service and local knowledge provided by local property professionals is very powerful indeed, and the fact that 90% plus of all new property sales are sourced first via the internet offered a very convincing argument.

When you add to this a competitive lettings proposition that allows us to draw monthly revenue from rental property management, we have the complete solution and a business model that will enable us to ride the peaks and troughs of the market.

Paul Collyer


“I went along to an open evening back in October 2010 with a view to partnering the estate agents with financial services and had no intention of getting involved but after listening to the presentation I was so impressed that I bought a franchise myself!

I have 10 years Financial Services experience in estate agency and feel that I have gone back to my roots but with a difference! This fresh new way of conducting real estate business is an opportunity not to be missed!! I am confident that the new business will grow from strength to strength and I feel privileged to be involved with the infancy of what is an amazing business model! So if you are thinking about getting involved with this business, then I would say go for it, it is a very exciting business to be involved in, great people to work with and full training and support provided.”

Debbie Turner


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