Increase The Value Of Your Home Using Storage

home-storageIf the first thing that springs to mind when you consider ways of increasing the value of your home is expensive renovation or extension projects, think again.

Logically, most homes have a cap on their value. This depends on the location, size, type, and general condition. There are limits to how much you can increase value, although maintaining a high standard of repair and fittings will always help keep a property at the top of the ladder.

There are other ways, though, that make a home more attractive to buyers and for which they’re willing to pay top prices. These revolve around how the interior is presented and the kind of lifestyle promises the house makes.

Underpinning this concept is the humble notion of storage. Granted, it doesn’t sound as exciting as a new conservatory or kitchen extension. But the difference that clever storage can make can be just as dramatic.

Self Storage Secrets Revealed
Cluttered rooms create closed in, claustrophobic spaces. The problem we all face is what to do with all the possessions we have that we couldn’t imagine being without. One of the best kept secrets to an easily managed, clean, tidy home is self storage facilities.

Long thought to be just for people with vast storage needs or those looking for somewhere temporary to stow belongings during a house move, self storage is increasingly being used as a natural extension to everyday home storage.

Making it work revolves around thinking seasonally, only keeping at home those things currently in use. Seasonally we change many of life’s aspects, such as the equipment we use in the garden, the clothes we wear, the games we play, and the leisure activities we pursue. Most of those include equipment we only use for a few months during the year, and the rest of the time they lie around in garages, lofts, cupboards, and under beds.

Think how much more space there would be if all those items were relegated to storage outside the home. Self storage facilities are a cheap alternative to extensions or interior design renovations. With rolling contracts that renew each week (in many cases), you’re not locked into long term commitments and there are many space sizes available to cover all needs and budgets. Add easy access and long opening hours, convenient locations and affordable plans, and self storage offers a quick and easy way to clear the home decks and open up your living space.

Finding Hidden Storage Areas
Having segmented your possessions into those you’re using and those you can store away, the next step is to find those hidden areas in the house that provide additional storage for what’s left behind.

Furniture can be a big help, with modern designs in tables and beds offering storage areas in the form of shelving, drawers or lift up mattresses. Use these to hide away the multitude of small possessions we all have, keeping surfaces clean and clear.

Shelving is fashionable in every room, and a great way of utilising nooks and crannies. It also has the advantage of providing a way to store items such as books or collectibles without the need for floor-standing furniture. Opening up the floor space automatically creates an illusion of space, and another way of creating a similar effect is to choose furnishings on legs rather than that which sits on the floor in a solid block.

Other little used areas are the spaces under the stairs; little strips of wall above and between doors; or the lost areas underneath kitchen cabinets. All are the low-hanging fruit of home storage areas, easy to capitalise on with shelves, hooks or containers where you can neatly organise household items from cleaning equipment to non-perishable foods.

Storage is the invisible oil that makes a household run smoothly. When possessions are organised, easy to find, neatly arranged and attractively displayed, the house becomes a home that offers a comfortable, stress-free lifestyle. And that’s exactly what buyers are looking for, making the perceived value just that bit higher than the next house in the street.

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