Need help with a house move? Have you thought about…?

  • Removal Service needed? Are you trying to do all the moving yourselves or are you using a removal company, a man and a van? Right Estate Agents can point you in the right direction and to someone that can give good value for service.
  • Unwanted, spares or trash? Over the years people tend to build up a lot of things and hide them in various corners of the house. If you take the time to sort through it all then it may take the weight off your move, literally!Moving
  • The last supper- Don’t get to your last week still with a freezer full of goods, otherwise a lot of food might go to waste on the move. We recommend you start having a look at your freezer to see what you can begin using up.
  • The paperwork– Make sure that you have taken the time to inform all relevant parties that you are moving. We can help by providing a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything, you’ll appreciate it when it comes to your post getting to the right place.
  • Boxes, wrapping and so on– You need to begin collecting boxes in advance, along with bubble wrap if you have a lot of fragile items.
  • Labelling– rather than having a last minute rush by throwing all your clothing in with your credit cards and newspapers, take the time to label boxes so that unpacking the other side is as stress free as possible.
  • Got some pets? Rather than having a dog sat on your lap during the 3 hour car ride, why not find somewhere to leave them during this stressful period.
  • The large items– If there’s anything too bulky to move on the day, arrange to get it moved beforehand or hire additional help. One example is when I last helped my mum move house, she wanted the summer house in the garden moved!
  • Plants– Not the easiest things to uproot and move, so make sure you have the adequate pots available to do so.
  • Watch the children– As if moving wasn’t stressful enough, you may have children to look after and entertain during the day as well. If possible try to arrange for someone to look after them since it will take another thing off of your mind and make more space in the car.
  • Pack sensibly and intelligently– Rather than trying to fit everything into one box, it’s OK to put heavier things into smaller boxes, this will also protect some of the items more. Knowing where the boxes are going in the new house is great planning. Kitchen boxes should be at the front of the van so it is the first thing to be unloaded.
  • The legalities, choosing a conveyancer– Moving house often requires a legal process to be put into place, often the speed that a conveyancer can do their job influences how soon a person can move. We recommend a conveyancer that you know who offer quality, service and value for money. If you have a good relationship with a conveyancer it may mean that the job gets done more swiftly.

If you would like some assistance to find a property/sell or let your house, please call Right Estate Agents on 0845 026 8527 or visit our website.

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