To make a first time house, a first time home

 When first entering the housing market, you scrimp and save to get the cash together for the deposit and negotiate the best mortgage possible. One aspect that is often forgotten, is what are you going to do with the place once its yours.

You haven’t budgeted for expensive furniture and costly decorations. You have totally forgotten the garden, the kitchen and where are you going to sleep? Fear not, this easy step by step guide should give some insights as to where the money should be spent or if a saving can be made. Prioritise and break the tasks in to manageable pieces and it will be a home in no time.


 First thing to complete would be the basic prep work. All damaged or unwanted wallpaper needs to be removed and the walls cleaned. Use a concentrated wallpaper striper, wear rubber gloves and avoid contact with eyes. Use an own brand filler to smooth over any damage to the walls or holes left by picture hooks or screws. If in doubt of what to do with your walls, paint them white. This will protect them while you contemplate your options and will give a clean and sharp temporary look.


 Try to make some space so your stuff can be safely stored until you know what to do with it. If you don’t make the effort to find storage space you will be tripping over boxes filled with books and C.D’s while your trying to get things done. The alternative is unpack all your belongings on day one, but nobody ever does that.


 The most important pieces of furniture to prioritise in your new home are: Bed, Seating, Table. I would recommend trying to combine the first two into one item. The Futon is an ideal solution that fills both needs, leaving money left over to get a descent dinning table. A good quality table and chairs are great for an evening meal but also a great makeshift desk for making plans or filling out forms. 


 You may have a television and DVD player from you last place, but you are unlikely to have a fridge freezer or a washing machine. To keep with in your slim budget it may be worth investigating rental electrical goods. Brighthouse do weekly payment rentals on all types of house hold goods for reasonable prices. A good way to start out with out breaking the bank, or having to borrow Mum’s washing machine.

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